Donnerstag, 7. März 2013

PokerStars: Why the WBCOOP isn't a blogger poker party

Finding people sharing your love of music is wonderful.
Finding people sharing your love of music is wonderful.
photo credit: lilian3000 via photopin cc
Moin tosamm,

Imagine your favorite party comes into town again. You are enthusiastic because in the past, this place was your first choice to find new pals sharing your love for music. Furthermore, the buffet was delicious. Finally, fun was combined with style: Access was only granted to those fulfilling a certain dress code. Therefore, you have always put on your most shiny shoes.

Now the envelope with the red emblem found its way into your letter box again. Party on, duuude! You fill out your reply card, use one of your good stamps and count the days till the big dance begins. Thank God the loundry brought back your smoking jacket in time.

The postman is innocent

But no confirmation arrives. It's getting nasty because the party has already started. You take a taxi to find out if there is a chance to get one of your tickets right at the entrance. They know you. It shouldn't be a problem, you think to yourself. They’re probably already waiting for you.

The man at the entry says it is a problem. Your application didn't reach him. You try it again.
While waiting for the man talking to his boss you take a glimpse through one of the windows of the big front door. Hell, when did they clean 'em the last time?

Heading for the buffet only

What you see happening inside confuses you: Less people than in the last years dance with a few chatting and a big bunch of mysterious looking guys raiding the buffet. Also, this year obviously no dress code exists. And the man at the counter doesn't seem to take notice of this notable group passing the front door without even showing a ticket.

You might do that, too. Rush in, loot the buffet, and run away wearing nothing more than your too little dirty pants.

But that's not your style. You love music and dancing. However, this is definitely not the place to dance anymore. You take your hat and call a taxi. Behind you, the music begins to stutter. Time to go, pals!

Getting a taxi

Now, exchange music with poker, dancing with blogging, the buffet with tourney tickets. The name of the Party: PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker, also known as WBCOOP.

This year I got an invitation, submitted my application twice and waited for my tickets just to see bloggers obviously not fullfilling the terms and conditions taking part. Or people bringing a "blog" online after the official application deadline ended and succeeding. Finally, I spent no more energy on finding the reason why my application wasn't accepted although I took part at the WBCOOP in 2011 and 2012.

PokerStars might be the world leading poker client. But in organizing a blogger event making the writing crew happy and showing how wonderful their dance fits to their poker music? In my opinion, you failed.

Duuudes, learn why we blog. It's not all about the buffet. It's the dance we are interested in.

Beste Gröten,

photo credit: lilian3000 via photopin cc 

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