Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

PokerStars WBCOOP 2013 ahead: Create a stage for bloggers!

Moin tosamm,

Part of the PokerStars blog, too: The WBCOOP is ahead. 
here we are: In a few days, the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker starts into its next season. On tuesday last week, the invitation mail reached my mail box. From 1. to 11. march, bloggers like me will fight for tickets for the Spring Championship of Online Poker and other prizes. For example, the player supplying the best twitter timeline will be get an award, too.

The blog tournament and I do have a "hand history". As you will see, searching for the keywords "WBCOOP" and "PokerStars" will show my blog on one of the first pages of the search results. The reason is quite simple: With other bloggers, I was on a blog tilt. There has been a reason for that: Even with PokerStars stating the choice of "Best Blogger 2012" was justified, I still don't accept it.

No heart for the heartless

In my opinion, even in 2013 the boundaries between the winner and PokerStars are too close. No doubt, he seems to be a nice guy. He even had the courage to post his statement under my English blog post. But I don't blame himself: It is the jury giving him the award "best blogger" I'm targeting.

However, half an hour ago before posting my German WBCOOP 2013 blog post went online I thought: "This year, PokerStars will improve their blogger championship." Hopefully, they'll reward a blogger playing and writing about poker with full heart.

I don't want to see anyone on the pedastal after publishing a few heartless posts, just to take part at the WBCOOP. Too many do exactly that. And some of them even won big tourneys made available at the PokerStars blogger tourney series. I remember one candidate publishing shopping lists. Fail.

Good bye, contest of bloggers?

One of my English posts geting much attention - the "PokerStars WBCOOP case".
One of my English posts getting much attention - the "WBCOOP case".
The terms and conditions of WBCOOP 2013 show: Several things will not be the same. If you want to participate, your blog has to be online just a single month. Last year, two months marked the line, regular posts included. Another bigger change: Now you won't be able to tranfer possible tourney tickets into PokerStars live events.

As soon as I've read this terms I thought: "They added too much water to my WBCOOP juice." Quality and engagement don't count. Even more players will reanimate their long abandoned blog diary. As written I received the invitation mail last week. My hope: No players publishing their first blog posts these days just to participate will be part of the WBCOOP player pool. They won't fit to the terms and conditions. PokerStars will take care of that, I hope, and filter out.

I'll take part

Will I be part of the WBCOOP? Yes. Playing such a big freeroll tourney series is a chance to test my tournament performance. Sad: The main event at Monday, 11th of march, will start at 4pm, if I'm right. Far too early for me.

Hope is the last thing to die. May PokerStars give us an insight who takes part at the WBCOOP 2013. Who was part of the best blogger election, for example? Show us the little diamonds! Even if they didn't win! Embed Europe and create a stage for bloggers! First of all: This time, don't let anyone in doubt if you award the best blogger, PokerStars!

Beste Gröten,

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