Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

PKR: My interview with Jake Cody - now, he fears me. Why? Read.

Moin tosamm,

a short while ago, Jake Cody became part of Team PKR. He is one of the triple crown guys. Besides winning a EPT and World Poker Tour title, he also won a bracelet at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

A new poker pro at PKR, my favorite poker platform at the moment? "I wonder whether an interview with him might be possible", I said to myself. Thanks to Nadja, part of the PR team at PKR, for making it happen.

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Beste Grüße,

Nico Lindner
Cody, why did you choose Pkr? Was it money alone? If not, what else?

Jake Cody:
There are number of factors that go into choosing a sponsorship and for sure money is one of those factors, but theres a lot of other reasons too. Having good people to work with, fitting in well with the whole setup, being part of a growing site with lots of potential, and PKR ticked all of these boxes and more i knew straight away it was something i wanted to be a part of once I spoke with them.

PKR pro Jake Cody. Photo: PKR
Where do we find you on Pkr? Which tourneys or ring games do you play? And will the forums be part of your PKR engagement, too? 

I will be playing a variety of games on PKR, some tournaments, some headsup cash games, some 6max cash games and even some sit and goes.  Yes, i will be getting involved in the forums much more over the next few weeks.

What do you do to keep your poker mindset positive? And what do you do to be prepared for a big tournament and while the event is running?

I'm a pretty positive person in general, I think high morale is one of the most important things in life.  For big tournaments I try to get a good nights sleep and be as focused as possible throughout the whole tournament.

As a triple crown winner, you've won that much money you don't have to play anymore in your life. What keeps the fire burning? Or is the lifestyle of a poker player that expensive future tournaments are simply necessary?

Team PKR. Read more on Photo: PKR
The amount of money that winning players have is massively over exaggerated and i have just bought a house, so winning tournaments and the money still means a lot to me.  But also i want to break more records and win more major titles.

Looking back: Which steps in your career were the most important to become a poker pro? Which ones where crucial to succeed at the tables?

I still think talking hands amongst my immediate friendship group of players is what helped the most and i can't thank them enough, theres no way i would be here without them.   

Finally, which tourneys will part of your time schedule in the nearest future? And when will I be able to hunt you down on PKR? As you've probably read, heard and noticed in the world wide news, I kicked The Lady of PKR at the Oktoberfest main event. Surely, you are already scared. First of all, because you know my players name: URinissaltY.

Haha, impressive (laughs). I definitely plan to take down the PKR 500 soon. I will be playing on PKR most weeks probably at very random times of the day though.

Thanks for your time, Jake!